PDF Watermark Removing Software

Remove watermarks from multiple pdf documents in the batch mode!

Total PDF Watermark Remover

BoxShot - Total PDF Watermark Remover Total PDF Watermark Remover quickly and efficiently remove watermarks from PDF documents. Intuitive, user-friendly step-by-step interface allows you to quickly find the images to be removed. While the program is searching for the images in the added PDF documents, you can review and select those that have already been found.


PDF Watermark Remover A unique algorithm for finding images in a PDF document allows scanning the files at a really high speed. On top of that, while the search is in progress, you can choose the images to be removed from the search results that are already available. As new images are found, they are automatically added to the list of removables. To start removing the images from the PDF documents, you don't have to wait for the search to be completed. The search will be interrupted immediately once the removal is launched.

Semitransparent watermarks:

The vast majority of solutions for removing watermarks from PDF documents identify semitransparent images as separate from the main image; that creates difficulties with the selection and may cause saving an incorrect PDF document after the removal. Our program perfectly identifies a semitransparent watermark on the image and shows it on the list of those available for the removal on a checker pattern, indicating their semi-transparency.


Select the images to be removed once and save them in a separate template file and quickly re-use the template for parsing new PDF documents and launching the watermark removal process instantly. The template also maintains the target folder, where the watermark-free files will be saved after the parsing.