Photo Watermarking Software

Add watermarks to multiple photos in the batch mode!

Total Watermark Version History

version 1.6.754:

  • fix: Minor updates for Facebook API.

version 1.6.753:

  • fix: Minor bugfixes.

version 1.6.752:

  • fix: Preview render error for images smaller than navigator image size.

version 1.6.751:

  • new: Navigator pane added.
  • new: Preview zooming with mouse wheel.
  • fix: Infrequent incorrect watermarks drawing in preview pane when fast zooming in.

version 1.5.747:

  • new: Watermarks menu in main window.
  • fix: Inetrnet Explorer recognizes installer as corrupted (code signing certificate updated).
  • fix: minor bugfixes.

version 1.5.746:

  • new: Adding files report window.
  • fix: EMF and WMF images did not load.
  • fix: minor bugfixes.

version 1.5.745:

  • new (pro): Pinterest upload service added.
  • new: New resize filters added (Gaussian, Lanczos etc.).
  • improve: Speed up watermarks rendering.
  • improve: Speed up preview generation in Crop and Format modes.
  • fix: Downscaled image watermarks were displayed incorrectly.
  • fix: Incorrect transparency calculation for gif and 8-bit png images.
  • fix: Is preset saved not checked when main window closed by clicking on cross button in window title.
  • fix: Incorrect exported image when "Preserve" selected in "Orientation" field (Format section) and also checked "Reset All" or "Reset EXIF data" checkbox.
  • fix: Zero length file exported when after cropping image width or height became zero. Now export error occurs for this image.
  • fix: Preview hangs when cropping causes nagative image size.

version 1.4.744:

  • new (pro): Tumblr upload service was added.
  • improved: dcraw plugin updated to version
  • fix: Most RAW files wrongly recongized as TIFF images.
  • fix: Empty date and time tags in text watermark when image EXIF date/time tags contain invalid values.

version 1.4.742:

  • fix: Error occurs on program start (standard edition only).

version 1.4.741

  • improved: Slightly increased speed of exporting for jpeg images.
  • new: Added license deactivation process in uninstaller.
  • fix: Images with non-RGB color profiles were processed incorrectly.
  • fix: Error can occur when start Total Watermark Professional edition right after Standard edition.
  • fix: Preview panel didn't redraw in some corner cases.
  • fix: Incorrect values in "Scale" field for image watermarks.

Version 1.4.740

  • new: Publishing (uploading) original or exported images to FTP, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa/Google+, and Twitter.

Version 1.3.722

  • fix: Code signing certificate was updated for all executable files.

Version 1.3.721

  • fix: A help file is not displayed in some cases.
  • fix: In rare case some watermarks could be ignored if export was launched sequentially with different presets.

Version 1.3.720

  • new: Icons of adding Watermarks in Preview toolbar.
  • new: New Preset parameters page in Preferences window.
  • new: "Select positioning mode" icon in Watermarks section toolbar.
  • new: "Open Export Folder" button in "Export Done" window.

Version 1.3.719

  • fix: No shortcuts in Windows Start Menu when "Create a desktop icon" option is unchecked in setup program.
  • fix: Reduced executable file size.
  • fix: Export list was flickering in some cases.

Version 1.3.718

  • new: Status bar in file list panel now indicates files adding process.
  • new: Customizable start screen salutation text in preferences dialog.
  • improved: New (a bit more faster) file export engine.
  • fix: Faster image watermarks movements with "Move" tool.
  • fix: Incorrect watermarks movements with "Move" tool and with activated Crop and/or Resize section.

Version 1.2.702

  • fix: minor performance improvements.

Version 1.2.701

  • new: Significantly expanded support of camera raw formats with using DCRAW library.

Version 1.1.699

  • new: File extensions filter combobox in "Add Folder" dialog.

Version 1.1.698

  • fix: error occurs when image watermark processed while exporting.

Version 1.1.697

  • new: Checkbox "Update watermark's alignment while moving" in program prefereces.

Version 1.1.693

  • fix: grayscale jpeg's stays grayscale even when color watermark added.
  • fix: program freezes in "Browse Folder" dialog if path didn't contain drive letter and has a trailing backslash.
  • new: warning when source file overwrites.

Version 1.1.692

  • new: Checkbox "Percentage of original image size" for image watermarks.
  • fix: minor memory leaks in preview rendering.
  • fix: rare crash when exiting the program.
  • improved: exporting speed for some image formats.

Version 1.0

  • Initial release;